Love you more ~ Racoon

Clouds above go sailing by
I found my meaning in this life
Clear white is flying in my eyes
Underneath a blue blue sky
The waves come rolling in with the tide.

All the people rushing by by by
Looking for meaning in this life
So used up and blinded by lies
They’re underneath the blue blue sky
The way they seldom seem to smile
I don’t know why
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Justify my love ~ Madonna

I want to kiss you in Paris
I want to hold your hand in Rome
I want to run naked in a rainstorm
Make love in a train cross-country
You put this in me
So now what, so now what?

Wanting, needing, waiting
For you to justify my love
Hoping, praying
For you to justify my love

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Thinking out loud ~ Ed Sheeran

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And, darling, I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am
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In the end ~ Snow Patrol

It’s the price I guess
For the lies I’ve told
That the truth it no longer thrills me

And why can’t we laugh?
When it’s all we have
Have we put these childish things away?
Have we lost the magic that we once had?

In the end, in the end
There’s nothing more to life than love, is there?
In the end, in the end
It’s time for us to lose our weary minds
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Wings ~ Hurts

When you find me free falling out of the sky
And I’m spiraling out of control
When I drop like a cannonball from Cloud 9
Just promise you won’t let me go

Say you’ll catch me when I fall
Wrap your wings around my body
When I’m lost in the storm
And I’m calling
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Girl ~ Anouk

Girl girl girl
When I hear him talk
Ooh my mind gets blocked girl

Speak up ‘cause my jaw is locked
Which is good, good for me girl
It hides like a warning sign
But I’m too blind to see
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Magnificent ~ U2

Oh, oh, Magnificent

I was born, I was born to be with you
In this space and time
After that, and ever after, I haven’t had a clue, only to regret
This foolishness can leave a heart black and blue, oh

Only love, only love can leave such a mark
But only love, only love can leave such a scar
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